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Curriculum Workbook & DVD Combo- Digital Download



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Within minutes of watching these Han-5 teaching DVDs and placing number puppets on the Han-5 Boogie Boards, you will have everyone counting by that multiple up into the thousands! DVD teaching lessons are about 30 minutes long for each number, therefore making a total of about 4 hours. They are easy to follow along and fun to learn! 
The Han-5 System was developed to assist the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learner to be successful in learning their math facts, so in the workbook you will find nine funny stories about frogs and fish, nine different Han-5 Boogie Boards with two sets of number puppets (ones and tens), and many visual charts showing how the student's left hand will convert into a number line, a hundred chart, a times table, a division table, equivalent fractions, etc... 
The Han-5 System of Mathematics will help you teach how numbers work together in a systematic approach by learning nine different number patterns on your left hand only. It will empower your students to add multiples, multiply, divide, write and solve equivalent fractions, solve parts to whole, and solve many other kinds of math problems using numbers 1-9. As a bonus of learning this system, in the back of the workbook, it will also show you how to divide uneven numbers, solve for ratios, squares and square roots, simplify fractions, parts to whole, prime factorization, multiply by 25, and much more!

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