"The DVDs are all that I hoped they would be. I got them Wednesday and could not resist looking at them all. They have really added to my understanding of what to do…as a non-teacher. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get these products to help my children with math. I truly appreciate it."
"We did recieve the package, thank you. We had our first lesson yesterday. The kids LOVED it! We are learning the Froggie fours as you suggested. I'm amazed at how quickly the children have learned how to count, multiply and divide by 4. Katherine, who is 6, even understands and loves it. Daniel (9) for the first time, asked for more math problems to do. David (11) wanted me to let you know, he thinks you are brilliant for coming up with this wonderful and fun teaching method. As for me, I'm finding it very easy to teach, and the videos are fun to watch for the kids and very helpful for me in teaching. Thanks for all your hard work in developing the Han-5 Math curriculum and making it available to the public."
"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop. I was in the 10:30 one on Saturday in Palm Springs. You were not only a great presenter, but your invention of Han5math is amazing."
"I met you outside in the hallway at the 10:30 session on Saturday...I wanted you to know that I am soooo impressed with your program. I have now taught all my fourth graders how to skip count by multiples of 4 in about 15 minutes. They LOVE it! Also, I have a very, very low RSP student that doesn't qualify for SDC. She came to me after class and said, "Guess what Ms. Sifling, I can count by Froggy Fours." And she did. I had tears in my eyes. I had to call the RSP teacher over to my room so she could hear it for herself. She too, was completely floored! This child has not made progress like this...ever!!!!! Especially this fast. I am going to speak with my principal tomorrow and hopefully introduce it to all the staff at one of our staff meetings. I look forward to teaching all of the numbers. Thanks again! You are amazing."
"I have been a Special Ed. teacher for an elementary school in Sacramento for 12 years now and I just wanted to say a few words about your program. This year was the first year I had 90% of my students to be able recall their math facts and calculate math problems. It was truly amazing and made me feel so good inside watching my students grow. My kinesthetic learners had a ball moving those number puppets around and my auditory learners quickly caught on to the repeated number patterns. I will never teach traditional memorization of flash cards ever again. It was many years of wasted time for my students and myself."
"My daughter is in third grade in the public school system here. She's on an IEP, diagnosed with a specific disability in math, which isn't as specific as it sounds. Basically, she just has a very hard time learning math concepts. As you probably know, third grade is the big push for learning the multiplication tables and she just wasn't getting anywhere. She sees the resource specialist every day and still can only really do the 1 and 2 tables. I ordered the sample kit for learning 4 and was really encouraged when she could sequentially count by 4's after about 10 minutes. I shared the info with the school - they were only mildly impressed. I decided to order the whole program and keep going with it at home. Any improvement is better than nothing. Thank you for developing this amazing program to help my child."
"In just two weeks I have taught my twelve year old son the 2's, 4's, 6's, and 8's. He is amazed that he can also count by 16's 18's etc.. and quickly be able to calculate something like 3/18 of a number. He appreciates how powerful your system is. Your system is so amazing that in such a short time we have covered all of these math facts with understanding and recall. This would be impossible without your system. Thanks very much for caring."
"Today, Monday (Jan.22nd) was our first day back at school. I did not know if it would be wise to pull out the froggy book or not. After my motivation and encouragement joking etc, my younger son noticed the froggy book on the table and wanted to start with math right after breakfast. The older (12 year old) wanted to as well. They both followed along well. My 8 year old just wanted to go on and on. We spent 4 hours and 15 minutes on math with him today. He just loved it so much. Afterwards, he stated that Math is now his favorite subject!!! I know we accomplished so much in this time. I would NEVER have completed this amount of work with understanding math concepts with any other method that I know, because he would have thought it was too much to memorize. We just followed along in your book and I was so amazed that he had no problems understanding equivalent fractions. We built it on the boogie board and I drew a few pizzas chopped into the fractions so that he could see that they are all = 1/2. When he did it for the first time, he did not even look at the boogie board for help. This is really amazing. It gave him so much confidence, that he did not need to memorize all these facts and can understand it and get them correct. My older son said it was really "ingenious". He loves it and saw how well it fits together. He thinks it is very slick. Although he knows his math facts, it is still useful for knowing numbers larger than 12 times x and what his answer should end with etc etc.-- fitting all the parts of math together on one hand. WOW!! I see why you say it is the Rosetta Stone for Math. Thank you so much for this system. We think it is amazing."
"Thank you for creating Han-5 Math and sharing it. I found your website while exploring ways to help my third grade son with his calculation challenges. He was horribly resistant at first, but I made him try it for three days. On day two he said, 'I didn't know anyone could teach this way.' Needless to say, we kept going and he's gaining confidence in his abilities. I'm thrilled and can't thank you enough!"
"I just wanted to get back with you and tell you thank you! I love your math program! My students love Han-5 math! The parents have enjoyed it as well. Your program is so easy to teach! I love it! The DVD's are a must to go with the workbook! I watch as I plan then it is so easy to teach to the children! I can't thank you enough for taking time to meet with me back in October! I love this way of teaching multiplication and division! You have made learning math facts understandable and enjoyable for all of my students and given me a fun way to teach it."
"The instructions are very straight forward and the explanations are very clear and easy to understand. It's a very useful program. Instead of getting the children to memorize their "Time-tables" as in 6X6=36, 6X7=42, 6X8=48 etc, you've helped us turn the boring reciting of multiples into interesting activities and fun-filled learning sessions. Thank you for sharing your teaching methods, this system makes teaching and learning so much more easier."
"I liked your program--a home schooler should go beyond the basics and teaching them this foundation we moved into fractions, multiplication and division without effort. I reminded them that their hands can often times be a reminder of the task at HAND."
"When I received the Han-5 workbook and DVDs I was so excited. Then when I saw how simple this system was to learn and it how unlocks the mystery of understanding mathematics, I couldn't wait to start teaching it. My students picked it up very quickly and in no time weren't using their hand anymore. THANK YOU for solving the greatest problem in Math....how to simply understand it."
"I have to admit that I was a critic to this program when I was told I had to learn it and teach it this summer. I had never learned math this way before and it didn't make sense to me. I had a difficult time learning the first two number patterns. Then the light went on for me after I learned the third number pattern because I was doing the same steps over and over again but with a different number. The most valuable part of this program was its structure, consistency, and predictability of which my students saw and needed to achieve. Thanks for clearing the cob webs for me to see how math works in a simplistic, systematic way. I had no idea until now."
"I like it because it is a Standard-Base Program and it has shown me a way to understand and teach math concepts better."
What I like about the program is that it provides my left brain learners with a bridge to finally understand math concepts by connecting stories and characters with sequential number patterns and abstract numbers."
"I tried out Han-5 this past year with my fourth grade students and found it entertaining to teach. My students caught on to the system very fast. They started seeing number relationships between operations and tackling problems that they had never attempted to do before. I wish I had learned this program twenty-two years ago, it would have made my teaching a lot more easier. Thanks for making my next eight years of teaching to be that way!
"I liked the program because for the first time in my 17 years of teaching experience I didn't have any discipline problems during math class. Why? Everyone was taking part in their learning and engaged with the different activities in the workbook. Every year I would always have a handful of math superstars, but this year this program gave me an entire classroom of them!"
"My seventh grade students loved it like nothing else. It was nice to finally see them enjoy learning math, instead of dreading it day after day."
"When I first looked at this program it looked like a foreign language to me, because I had never been taught number patterns before in school. But when I witnessed my third grade students counting by multiples of eights up to two hundred within ten minutes of listening to 'Dancing with Lady Eights' and manipulating their number puppets on the Boogie Board, I was sold and motivated to learn this program. It is truly awesome!"
"My students enjoyed learning this program so much this past year. I always had 100% student participation when we would do a lesson. Students became confident and you could see the enjoyment in their eyes every time we did a lesson. They got sad when I would say math time is over. They would plead for me to let them do another page, which I have never seen my students ever do. Thank you for finally making math fun to learn. It is magic."
"I used to think it wasn't my fault that I couldn't teach every one of my students their math facts. I taught them the way I learned and thought that was enough. Well, after learning and teaching this program this past year my thinking was wrong. Yes, there is another way of teaching math that makes sense to children. Patterns make sense. Can't believe that no one has ever figured it out before now! Thanks for discovering it so I can help all of my students succeed with math."
"I teach the 6th grade and most of my students already knew their basic math facts so I didn't know if this program would be beneficial to them. After going through the program, I was amazed of the power behind it. Before my students could only recall math facts up to 10, but then after learning Han-5 they could recall any math fact up to 20! What really sold me was when my students started understanding equivalency, algebra, ratios, and fractions that before they had trouble doing. This program should be taught in every grade level and even in college basic math courses. It is a key to understanding how numbers build upon each other and break down."
Thank you for creating Han-5 Math and sharing it. I found your website while exploring ways to help my third grade son with his calculation challenges. After purchasing the sample booklet in November, I decided to give it a try over the winter break. He was horribly resistant at first, but I made him try it for three days. On day two he said, 'I didn't know anyone could teach this way.' Needless to say, we kept going and he's gaining confidence in his abilities. I'm thrilled and can't thank you enough!"
"I just had to tell you, I taught my son the the 2's with the Han-5 method. He knew some of already but I wanted him to learn the method with something that he was somewhat familiar with before we moved on to the harder multiples, like 4, 6, etc. Anyways, after that, I taught him the 12's since it is so like the 2's. He of course had never done 12's at all before. He got it in so quickly! And the neat thing is, he can now divide and multiply by 12's! It is so amazing! Of course, he needs more practice to really cement it. But it was just really neat to have him up and running that quickly. Anyways, I just wanted you to know how amazing it was to have him do 96/12 or 12 x 6 within minutes of learning the method! I was just so impressed! I had to tell you thanks."
"Implementing the Han-5 system this past year has changed my previous thoughts and methods about teaching mathematics. This past fall, I only had 2 out of 24 students who had their math facts memorized as they entered the fourth grade. By using the Han-5 workbooks during the fall semester, I could systematically go through the math fact families and teach the conceptual understanding of what multiplication and division is. Students found learning the nine different number patterns fun and easy, so motivation followed them with success in memorizing their math facts. It was empowering to see them use their one, left hand as a concrete tool to repetitively see the repetitive multiple and number of sets, so multiplication and division facts could be understood and quickly learned. At the end of this year, I had 23 out of 24 students to memorize all their math facts and no one needed to use their hand anymore. This was and is truly an exciting, innovative, and empowering math program."
"I have never found a math program to benefit all my students in learning their math facts. Most programs skip teaching multiplication and division facts, because it is assumed that they can memorize it, but most cannot learn through this traditional approach. When students fail to master their math facts, then they cannot move on to higher levels of reasoning in learning their basic math facts. The Han-5 work booklets were a fun and an enjoyable way to get my students motivated to learn. Students found the work booklets fun, entertaining, and enjoyable to work with, while acquiring many math concepts. I personally liked it because it not only taught them their math facts, but it also showed them a conceptual way of understanding multiplication and division facts… just by seeing it on their one hand. It is a program that fills in the holes other programs leave out!"
"Han-5 work booklets were a great benefit to my fourth grade students this year. It provided my students with a concrete way to begin the process of conceptualizing number, relativity of understanding how math families are interrelated to each other. It spudded up the process of learning their math facts with 95%. It also gave them a readily available learning tool to assist them through levels of work, which enhanced higher learning skills to solve any kind math problem. This program is a very effective and helps all kinds of learners to conquer their quest in mathematics!