Amelia's Fabulous Flight


Amelia Earhart was able to say that she flew around the world in less than one day.

She left New Mexico in her plane. A few hours later she landed in Mexico during the rain.

Her flight continued to be such a thrill as she ended up later in Brazil.

Her next stop was across the Atlantic Ocean. Kenya, east of Africa, was her next destination.

She only stopped there for just awhile, because she wanted to fly north to Egypt to swim in the Nile.

After her swim for about a half an hour, she decided to fly up to France to see the Eiffel Tower.

As she flew northeast it seemed to be getting colder and colder in her plane, but Finland was her next destination just the same.

After her stop there she wasn’t very far away. She flew east to Russia that very same day.

After Russia she decided to fly south for Nepal. It was east of India and the country seemed quite small.

Dinner was scheduled for her next flight plan, so she flew northeast to the country of Japan.

After eating sushi and becoming completely packed, she continued flying south to the Australian Outback.

Amelia had flown through six continents on her trip, Tahiti was her next little wake-up dip.

After cooling off in the Pacific Ocean, she didn’t have far to go.

She flew northeast and landed back in good old New Mexico.

Her whole trip took her 20 hours and 40 minutes in 1928, and that is why it is became an important HISTORICAL DATE!


Written by Tapp Hancock @Library of Congress 2000