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PROFESSIONAL JOURNALS MathematicallySane's mission is to advocate for the rational reform of school mathematics.  Education Week, and unlimited access to Teacher Magazine and Agent K-12 Jobs! "Pi in the Sky" is a semi-annual periodical 
designated for high school students...with the purpose of promoting mathematics   COMET features information on current educational issues, web resources, professional events and opportunities, and news articles from California and across the nation.  A library full of math articles since the winter of 1979  National Council Teaching Mathematics  Archived Information for the National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching
"The Year of Mathemagical Thinking" by Lev Grossman, March 2007,9171,1599720,00.html  The  New York Times includes a separate section, in their newspaper, on science-related news every Tuesday.
These past two weeks, a number of articles pertaining to math-related topics have been written.  You can read these interesing articles online at  a free extensive library of teaching tip articles

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES Contains math web resources, educational issues, teacher2teacher conversations, help forums, mailing lists and teaching materials. This web site has more information about the Han-5 System of Mathematics.

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Tapp Hancock


Manipulatives designed to help children learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts and to provide an understanding of number sense, pattern, logic, and language as the learner constructs different numbers while using physical materials to reinforce grouping skills and place value concepts.


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Basic OperationsNumber Sense/About Numbers  Educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit and commercial sites.  Curriculum focal points are the most important mathematical topics for lasting learning at each grade level.;_ylt=Aqe.6_bMGRAM26tFchRlkmQiANEA Full coverage with the lastest news involving space and astronomy

PRACTICE YOUR MATH FACTS AND GAMES   Go to "Learning zone" for fun math games  created by B. Hicks

WEB SITES THAT INCLUDE  MATH LESSON PLANS FOR TEACHERS Worksheet Library is home to over 5,000 printable K-6 worksheets for
teachers, parents, and homeschoolers

All about the human body!!!
lesson plans
Gander Academy Body Systems -Contains great links about the human body (cut and paste for link) 
Human Anatomy Online -
Look Inside the Human Body -Learn about each of the body systems. This site includes fact sheets and answer keys.